About Bianka Panova

The Bianka Panova Sport & Art Academy (BPA) is a world leading and, cutting edge center of excellence focused on the great principles of Rhythmic Gymnastics, which empower the youth and help unleash their potential. The center's mission is not only to nurture, grow and support Rhythmic Gymnastics excellence, but also unlock the potential of youth using the great principles of Rhythmic Gymnastics as a foundation, and promote and uncover the power of Rhythmic Gymnastics as a source for informal education and personal growth for youth. The center is based out of Singapore and is co-led by world- renown rhythmic gymnast Bianka Panova. Plus972 was hired both to upgrade the storytelling and company narrative of BPA. As the center grew, Plus972 also helped BPA form and implement an overarching annual work-plan, covering all areas from goal setting and objectives to operations and annual working Gantt, from financial controlling to setting recurring meetings, and beyond.





"The training helped all of the departments to form a base from which to expand from, and has also shown the areas where significant changes and cuts should be made in preparation for the execution of the company's goals for this year and for those to come. Plus972 was always ready to provide support, guidance, and assistance. One of the major factors was the wide portfolio and significant level of experience that Plus972 represents. We felt that our work with Plus972 was efficiently covered in a few sessions what takes other companies several years of training and experience to go through."

An-Jian Ong Garcia

Operations Manager at Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy

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