Service & Industry


That Listens to You



- Brand Analysis and Positioning
- Visual Identity Development
- Logo Design
- Branded Collateral
- Packaging Design
- Art Direction


- Market Research & Fit Analysis
- Product Launch & Go-To-Market Strategy
- Social Media Strategy
- Search Engine Optimization
- Email Marketing
- Copywriting
- Retargeting Campaigns


- Web Audit
- UX/UI Design
- WordPress Development
- Shopify Development
- Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing
- Advanced Analytics Tracking
- Google Ad's Management



Real Estate

Since our inception we have worked with real estate companies from the US, Europe, and the Middle East. We have worked in more than 12 different subsectors ranging from institutional investments, GPs, new ground-up developments, family offices, as well as commercial and residential brokerage.
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We are focused in helping clients in banking, hedge funds, venture capital, and distribution to launch and promote new products and services on a lean, performance driven international scale. This is a relationship-based industry, and our angle is rooted in bringing our connections and relationship to support our clients’ growth.
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In a complex and sophisticated automated world, we help traditional retailers with their digitalization efforts as well as digital businesses break new boundaries by trying innovative approaches. We are entrepreneurs at first and foremost and this is our agency’s edge. We understand businesses and can help clients make smarter and focused decisions when working online.
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Innovation has always been in our DNA. We work alongside industry innovators, leaders, and disruptors and our team helps them with their branding, design and marketing needs from product development to launch and go-to-market strategies. This has been the catalyst for the opening of our office in Israel, which serves as our innovation hub.
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We believe that design is all about generating a human emotional connection. As a creative agency we love working on projects that are focused on consumer behavior and interactions. Whether it’s for luxury products, consumer goods, mainstream, or niche we can help products navigate complex competitive markets and stand out.
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The challenge for hospitality companies is often related to predict the trends of the market, consumers wants and needs, and to evolve quickly to adapt to evolution of this sector. Our job is to help our clients mitigate these risks by becoming a part of the decision-making process.
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Plus972 has helped clients engage in more than 30 different industries, enhancing their B2B activities with branding and marketing initiatives. We create value by helping companies transform, digitalize, and internationalize businesses and deliver sustainable results over time.
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Socially impactful and responsible businesses, non-profit sector and government related businesses all play a significant role in today’s global economy more than ever. We are here to improve the impact of these businesses to the communities they serve.
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Project Models


If you are looking for help with a specific project or solving a particular problem, we can help. With a defined scope of work, we will deliver the perfect solution for you. One agreed upon price -no variables, no hidden expenses, and no underwhelming work. Our team makes it easier than ever for you to customize exactly what you're looking for, and receive top-notch deliverables to help you achieve your goals.

Retainer Agreements

Our retainer agreements are designed for businesses that want to offload all of their technical stack to a proven team of WordPress/Shopify developers. This is best for teams who want a long-term partner who can help them scale and introduce new features ad-hoc. Plus, there are no restrictions on how many hours you can use your retainer, so you’ll always have access to the resources you need - whenever you need them throughout the month.


At Plus972, we believe in our work and that’s why we offer performance-based pricing models on certain ventures. We want to show you how we can bring you value up-front. Once we launch a project and you see results, we charge you a percentage. This percentage is the result of an agreed upon contract prior to launch.

Equity Agreements

Our equity agreements are designed for early ventures or startup businesses that need the expertise of an agency for an immediate brand revamp. Instead of you going out-of-pocket, we will invest in your business in the form of equity and offer our services at a fraction of the price. This is best for cash-conscious teams who want a long-term, strategic business partner who can help them grow.