Reuben is the Founder & CEO of Plus972, a fully-integrated boutique branding and marketing agency, headquartered in New York City with a global presence across North America, Europe, and Asia. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and a progressive philosophy focused on integration, collaboration, and crafting custom solutions for client’s needs, which he has integrated into the Plus972 mission.

Reuben Ben-Yehuda

Founder & CEO

Expertise: Real Estate

Located in: New York City

Assaf helps companies grow with strategic advisory, storytelling, marketing planning and execution, business development, pitch practice, and more. Assaf is devoted to connect people to Israel's startup culture, and is a known speaker on this topic.

Expertise: Technology

Located in: Tel Aviv

Holly works collaboratively with the Plus972 team to strategize and develop long-term plans that usher in new levels of productivity and success for the agency. As an educator and an expat, Holly welcomes a challenge and is accustomed to developing innovative solutions to any issue that might crop up.

Holly Griffith

Director of Operations

Expertise: Community

Located in: Rome

Never confined to a singular medium, Djiun’s work transcends convention and focuses on conceptual storytelling. His extensive body of work has spanned from fashion advertising to publications, and has even led to developing tech companies.

Djiun Wang

Creative and Art Director

Expertise: Lifestyle

Located in: New York City

Isabelle uses her craft for storytelling and her keen eye for detail to build strategic client relationships that facilitate the growth of each client's unique brand voice. Isabelle thrives at the junction of creativity and personal connection — she is happiest when clients are content, projects are in order, and she has time for the growing collection of books on her desk.

Isabelle Sinclair

Project Manager & New Business Lead

Expertise: Corporate

Located in: New York City

Serhii is an accomplished Project Manager with a strong academic foundation in Business Management. With seven years of hands-on experience in the field, Serhii brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project undertaken.
Motivated by a passion for efficient project execution and a keen eye for detail, Serhii has consistently delivered outstanding results throughout his career.

Serhii Svyrydenko

Project Manager/Web Developer

Located in: Valencia

Aniket Lotake is a passionate and diligent UX/UI and Visual Designer who creates usable, equitable, enjoyable, and useful products for users through innovative problem-solving and collaborative planning. Aniket always seeks to learn new techniques, different approaches and to grow continuously to provide innovative solutions to the success of the agency.

Aniket Lotake

UX/UI Designer

Located in: India

Puriya is a UX/UI Designer focused on bringing clarity and accessibility to user experiences. He always strives to make sure each client’s unique voice comes through in his designs, and prioritizes creating digital spaces that feel intuitive to navigate.

Puriya Mirza

UX/UI Designer

Located in: New York City

Michele is a half-Ecuadorian, half-Swiss designer & project manager. With an architectural background and an emphasis on storytelling, she strives to deliver creative solutions and meaningful experiences.

Michele Voit

Project Manager

Located in: Copenhagen

Ilse Prinsen

Marketing Consultant

Located in: New York City

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