About Quasar Fund

Quasar, a pioneer in real estate investments and a brand name in real estate investment industry, offering a platform designed for private-equity and high-net-worth individuals. By leveraging privileged access to deal flow and ingenious development skills, Quasar is reshaping the skyline of New York City while generating solid returns to its investors.

Establishing a Brand Identity

Quasar commissioned Plus972 to create a new brand identity for an already prosperous real estate development business that encompasses the brick-and-mortar nature of real estate development with the sophistication of a financial vehicle. The concept is inspired by the structure of buildings, the lines create a vertical path from bottom to top to evoke growth. The letter Q comes to life by adding a diagonal line, making the tail aligned with the perspective of the buildings. Quasar’s color palette is sophisticated and elegant. The primary colors are inspired by the blue of the galaxy and the gold that denotes richness. Quasar’s brand identity evokes simplicity and elegance that creates trust in investors and admiration in the real estate industry.

Quasar Fund - 277 Fifth
Quasar Fund Logo Variations

Implementing a
Growth Strategy

Plus972’s client’s goal was to create an identity for the Quasar Real Estate Fund that increases investor confidence and suggests uncompromising professionalism and vast knowledge of the real estate industry. Plus972’s market research concluded that to achieve the client’s goal a brand identity is to be created. Plus972 carefully crafted the logo and picked the appropriate color scheme to masterfully engineer Quasar’s marketing materials. With these new marketing materials, our client was able to raise the necessary funds to start developing its new project and reshape the skyline of New York City.

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