Need to oomph your storytelling and persuasion skills? Focus your pitch deck and marketing materials? Update the copy on your website? Get Plus972 by your side with our partner Assaf Luxembourg.

Assaf Luxembourg, Partner at Plus972, is a known marketing and business development consultant, a public speaker and brand ambassador who promotes Israel's vivid start-up and innovation industries. Assaf is experienced in helping various companies, start-ups, non-profits and agencies with storytelling and pitch practice. Assaf also devotes much of his work also for empowering young professionals in today's new world of work. Assaf lives in Israel and is married with two kids.

How does it work

  • Let's re-discover your core business DNA and get the story out.
  • Let's write an effective storyboard which will serve you across your marketing activities.
  • Let's use the storyboard to copywrite and update your website, pitch deck, one-pager, and all other marketing materials, and create a unified front.
  • Let's design your pitch deck and one-pager.
  • Let's practice your presentation skills, for both 1:1 and 1:many situations.
  • Let's help you reach your business goals.

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More of Assaf's clients here.

Resourceful and Passionate are the two words that come to my minds when I think about Assaf. I hired Assaf to help me with my startup investor presentation, and he helped me through all the process of thinking about the flow, the structure, the graphics, etc. For all these reasons, Assaf have earned my highest recommendation.

Sebastien Adjiman
Co-Founder & CEO,

My request from Assaf was vague: "Come to my office and help me build a version for the company. Then, build a message from this version, that is sharp, clear and easily understandable. In other words - help create a story". Assaf did an excellent job! Another challenge followed: "I need to stand in front of a crowd and convey the message clearly. In other words - help be a storyteller". Assaf trained me and didn't give up, and did an excellent job here as well. As we ran out of time, I asked if we could have a short presentation to back up the story. The answer was definite and the professional team of Plus972 went out of their way to prepare a presentation at the last minute. The whole package was great. Plus972 did a great job and I recommend Assaf particularly.

Tzafrir Kagan
CEO, PolyWizz

I had the pleasure of working with Assaf on writing Tondo's story. Assaf quickly understood the context, managed to sharpen the story and give an accurate and creative point of view that significantly upgraded the marketing products. In addition, I met a committed, organized person who can be trusted and most importantly who works with his heart.

Tali Kleinman-Frosh

VP Marketing, Tondo Smart Ltd.

I had the pleasure of working with Assaf, meeting a challenging timeline while working around the clock for several days is not trivial - I was surprised and extremely satisfied with the results . Assaf was Sharp and professional covering all the potential risks and elements on which we have less control. I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in messaging and storytelling execution.

Amir Segev
Co-Founder & CEO, Texel

Assaf is an energetic management professional. He initiates incessantly. Raises new and innovative ideas in every conversation with him. A soul fighter who succeeds in influencing his entire environment. Systematic in his performance and determined to achieve any goal set by him or by others. Working alongside him means achieving a lot more than you normally do. I wish everyone to experience his abilities and energy.

Yossi Yarkoni
Founder & CEO, Robin

We recently used Assaf and Plus972 creative agnecy to help us define our company, iKonnect, create a storyboard and fine tune our message for investors, strategic partners, and users. Assaf immediately grasped what we are trying to do and presented us with and extremely professional and well thought out work. We found his final product to be a very important step for us in moving forward.

Avinoam Tekuzener

General Manager, iKonnect Israel

I worked with Assaf on our company's marketing and business development. Right from the get go, it was very obvious that Assaf is highly skilled, professional and has a wide vision and understanding of the company's status and its needs. Starting with him interviewing us, Assaf helped us understand ourselves better and laid the ground for us to explain to the world what we do and actually have them understand it. It was a real pleasure working with Assaf also knowing that he will be on top of everything and think ahead for you on aspects bigger than the scope of the work in hand. Aside from that, Assaf is super sharp and with his additional skills also supported us with fund raising and making the correct connections as well as escorting us through the process. Having Assaf with us during fund raising was a blessing as he was able to objectively look from outside and help us and me specifically to improve on how I present the story and company. Aside from that, I earned a friend and I am confident he will keep help other companies such as ours to push forward and make an impact.

Michael Malul

Founder, Shareitt

I've worked with Assaf for over two years, he's a top creative thinker and a real pro. He helps us recruit interns, was very helpful in building State-of-the art presentations and in consulting with our Marketing strategy. He's also a very confident advocate for smart thinking and an excellent speaker / presenter. Very much enjoyed working with Assaf.

Odelia Cohen
Co-Founder & CPO, Robin

​I had the pleasure of working with Assaf at the Barclays Techstars accelerator. He's an experienced and driven individual who knows the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial world. Not only is he creative, but he doesn't shy away from putting in the effort as soon as opportunity present itself. Moreover, he's a genuinely good presence to be around who motivates people with his positive attitude!

Gergő Varga
Business Development, GetJenny

I was recommended to work with Assaf regarding storytelling and pitch training. Assaf served as a mentor to me and while working with him it became clear why he is so highly regarded. Assaf is very professional in every sense of the word and a true pleasure to work with.

Liran Zohar
VP Sales, Robin

Working with Assaf was a real pleasure. I found him as who has great expertise and deep knowledge of public speaking skills. Proactive, ambitious, dedicated and broad-minded perfectionist. I would recommend him with any project that requires the very best in marketing/branding/messaging execution.​

Guy Zisman
Co-Founder & CTO, Texel

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