About Kamali Organization

The Kamali Organization is a family-owned real estate firm that has acquired and developed a wide range of Residential, Student Housing, Commercial, and Senior Housing properties primarily throughout NYC. Kamali’s entrepreneurial DNA and portfolio is not only diverse with regards to their asset classification, but also with regard to their innovative and energetic approach to architecture and design.

Branding | Web


Celebrating Kamali's Legacy

Kamali Organization was looking to design and develop a new website that will effectively tell their story, celebrate their heritage and legacy as a family business, support their company brand and show their character and spirit, as well as provide credibility to new visitors. In addition, Kamali was looking to also present their growth and the future direction of their business.

Taking Business to the Next Level

As creative experts, a big part of our mission is to listen to our clients. With this project, we acted as trusted advisors and helped Kamali clearly define their brand and creative direction which we decided upon together. We built a new website that shows their “superpower”, but also remains authentic and simple. A website that shows their creative approach, but also remains clean and clear. From a header video that shows their local expertise to custom API features, from image and photo curation to storytelling - we empowered Kamali with a website that positions them to take their business to the next level.

New Deals and Opportunities

Following our project, Kamali Organization was able to grow their business and close new deals and opportunities. Kamali stated that their upgraded website and appearance helped grow their reputation and show their credentials to partners such as banks and other stakeholders. We believe their new positioning and branding will continue to help expose their character and potential, and help them progress as sophisticated and up-to-date real estate experts in today’s business environment.

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