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BZH Capital Partners is an independent financial investment company based in New York. BZH is focused on democratizing alternative investments by providing professional and institutional investors with smart, tailored access to unique opportunities across different industries and sectors.

Embarking on a new business journey

When seasoned experts embark on a new business journey, there is an obvious tension between the founders’ persona and reputation, and the new business as a self-standing brand. Such is the case with BZH Capital Partners, which was founded by Edoardo Levy, who has decades of experience and a track record in alternative investment strategies. Another challenge for such ventures is to be able to rely not only on good service providers but also and mainly on trusted advisors and business partners for the journey, who are aligned with achieving long-term growth. In the case of BZH, that’s exactly what Plus972 was hired for.

BZH Capital Partners Edoardo Levy Website Design
BZH Capital Partners Branded Collateral

Strategic Growth

Our team not only acts as strategic growth advisors but also as formal business partners, as Plus972 chose to invest in BZH Capital Partners. We provide ongoing marketing-related consultation, helped polish all branding assets, re-designed and upgraded BZH marketing collateral, and helped redesign their website.

Increasing Global Clientele

With upgraded and polished branding and marketing, BZH Capital Partners were successful in launching their first fund and acquiring clients for advisory services all over the world. As their team is reaching out to more and more international markets, they have already begun establishing their presence in the United States, across Europe, Latin America, and beyond - all during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

New Partnerships
Client Retention
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