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3SIXZERO Ltd. is an Israeli-based company, founded and operated by security and special-forces veterans and experts with vast knowledge and outstanding track record. The company specializes in advanced solutions in the fields of executive protection, tactical training, corporate security, and logistical support. 3SIXZERO works with a wide range of global clients, providing solutions to individuals, governments, corporations, and beyond.

Establishing an International Company

Many businesses face the challenge of highlighting their uniqueness on the one hand, but also not become limited by them on the other hand. In the case of 3SIXZERO, their goal was to establish their brand as an international company in their industry and set themselves for more global growth. The Israeli DNA of the company is a clear and obvious positioning asset for the security industry. The challenge was, of course, to effectively use this asset while also highlighting and exposing their unique added value beyond that. This is exactly what they approached our team to help them with.

Branded collateral, a metal business card that was created for 3SIXZERO

Creating A 360° solution

Our team provided 3SIXZERO with a 360 degrees solution. From strategic go-to-market advisory to copywriting and storytelling, from branding to web design and development, and beyond. As their executive leadership testified, we were able to “capture the company's mission and vision in all developed materials”, in a way that “tremendously helped approach prospective customers”, and with a comfortable workflow that was “flexible, communicative, and open-minded.”

Increasing Global Clientele

Our work helped 3SIXZERO better position themselves as a global player in their industry, by international standards, and while keeping their unique added value, company DNA, and legacy both effectively contributing, but not limiting. Today, 3SIXZERO proudly serves more international high-caliber clients and is involved in more complex and demanding projects.

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