What’s the best way to set your brand apart?

To set yourself apart, you first have to understand what the baseline is in your market. What is your competition doing? What are they doing well? Where could they improve?

To really differentiate yourself, you need to strongly consider two important factors: technology and creativity. When evaluating technology, you need to decide how it’s going to impact your business. How will you utilize it to your advantage? What pieces of technology—an app, a website, a digital experience—can you create to enhance your brand, and enhance your positioning in the market?

You can also use technology to create a better user experience. It can be something as simple as creating a quick checkout experience on your website, or something as complex and complicated as developing a new app or VR experience. It all depends on what your brand is and what you’re trying to do, but there’s always a way to use technology to your advantage.

The second thing you need to evaluate is how your creativity can make an impact. Explore what you can do that is unique and will stand out for your customers. Is it something as simple as your logo design? Or is it clever copy or a clever tagline? It could even be something more large scale like a brand activation, pop-up, or branding experience.

When it comes to creativity, the sky’s the limit. It’s important to push the boundaries and bring your brand to life in a way that no one would ever expect. That’s what makes it stand out and will really earn you the market share you’re looking for.