What is brand identity?

What is brand identity? The first question to ask question is “What is a brand?” We need to be clear about what a brand is to be able to define it. A lot of people define a brand as tools or elements that create a consistent image. It’s the visible things—like logo, fonts, colors, and design.

All of those things are just the tip of the iceberg. A brand and its identity are much more than any one thing alone. A brand is defined by how it makes people feel—and not just the customers but everyone who interacts with the brand. Branding is about how people perceive you and how they talk about you when you’re not in the room.

Just like every person has a unique personality, brands do too. And a main part of a brand’s identity is it’s visual identity. You can tell when someone is tall or short, blonde or brunette, brown-eyed or blue. But what really matters is how that person makes you feel. How he talks to you, how he acts, and the impression he makes.

It’s a designer’s job to create a brand and its personality. That helps make sure that a brand is making people feel how they want people to feel. If it’s done well, people should make associations and relive memories because of a brand. It should impact customers and leave a leasing impression.

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