About Espresso Cubano

An industry trailblazer, Espresso Cubano has successfully curated the perfect blend of Italian and Cuban coffee, ingeniously connecting two iconic yet distinct cultures renowned for their mastery in cultivation and flavor.

Establishing a Brand Identity

Initially approached by Espresso Cubano with a general concept in place, Plus972 organized an in-depth comparative research strategy to determine how to organically harmonize Italian and Cuban coffee culture and appropriately present it to Espresso Cubano’s local Italian and Cuban customer base.

Espresso Cubano Coffee
Espresso Cubano Coffee

Implementing a Growth Strategy

Finding a delicate balance between two very different cultures was no easy feat, but due to Plus972’s experience with international markets and global branding, it was a natural fit. Plus972 was tasked with building, designing, and maintaining the website, creating and executing all graphic deliverables ranging from environmental graphics to signage to online advertisements, and consulting on the overall business strategy.

Drinks Menu
Drinks Menu

Raising Community Interest

As a result of our strategic collaboration, Espresso Cubano’s impact on the neighborhood is palpable, regularly drawing large crowds and generating significant traffic to an area that has enjoyed a rapid expansion of surrounding businesses. Offering a wide array of uniquely delicious breakfast and brunch selections that appeals to multiple cultures, Espresso Cubano has quickly and seamlessly amalgamated with the Coral Gables community.

Espresso Cubano Food

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