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Birthstone is a jewelry brand with the mission of educating people on the incredible history, beliefs, and stories behind Birthstones, as well as their associations to birthdays, anniversaries, the Zodiac, ancient biblical tribes, and beyond. Following the founders’ belief in a “know before you buy” philosophy, especially when it comes to Jewelry, Birthstone’s mission is also to help make them accessible for everyone, by providing information, stories, and curated items to generate a shopping experience easier for customers.

eCommerce website Birthstone visual identity development logo design, Birthstone logo
eCommerce website Birthstone visual identity development logo design, Birthstone logo

Highlighting Birthstones

Birthstone’s goal was to become a leading authority on birthstones, to clear misinformation in the market, and to provide a comfortable and reliable shopping experience based on the right stone per buyer and per occasion. Birthstone launched with a clear focus on the birthstones themselves, yet quickly developed into Birthstone-related Jewelry as well. Therefore, highlighting the intrinsic value of each stone and its meaning, rather than the Jewel and its design, is yet another challenge the company faced. For these challenges and objectives, Birthstone reached out to our team for help.


Establishing Birthstone

Our team helped Birthstone establish a clear voice, and position themselves as thought leaders and source for authority in their market. Following our marketing strategy and concept for Birthstone, our team also helped with branding, iconography, marketing collateral design, packaging, and more. Our team also helped design and develop the Birthstone website, which is also the center for all their sales. Our solution included complex configurations in order to effectively integrate their website with various sales channels, such as Amazon and eBay. We also helped optimize the integration of their website with their ERP system, in order to allow them to better connect marketing and sales with operations and logistics.

Birthstone eCommerce website banner design for Plus972 case study

Launching the Marketplace

Birthstone launched in 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and into a market full of misinformation and confusion with regards to their niche. With its brand identity, clear voice, marketing strategy, and eCommerce website, the company was able to acquire a position as a leading authority and center of knowledge for Birthstones, as well as a profitable online Jewelry business. The company keeps growing and promoting the concept of Birthstones all over the world.

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