What are branded experiences?

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Experience has become a buzz word—we hear more and more about different “experiences” every day. Today, we don’t want to just use our smartphone. We want to have a great experience while we’re doing it. We don’t want to go to a festival for the music. Even going to the movies isn’t like it used to be—now, everything is in 3D.

But it’s not just about the movie itself—it’s about the popcorn, the drinks, the comfortable chairs, the surround sound. All of these things combine to create the entire movie “experience.” It’s about the whole package, not just one part.

A strong branded experience is based on successful moments, and how they tie together. And the goal of a branded experience is to influence how you feel about a particular brand.

Every moment matters, and every touchpoint is a chance to create a unique experience for customers. The experiences need to feel authentic—they need to engage, delight and inspire, and help connect the audience to the brand.

A great brand experience drives awareness, it drives impact, and it drives interaction with its customers. It’s how you bring a brand to life in the real world.


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