We only have one world, and at Plus 972 we strive to be conscious of the environment. The marketing industry is a major perpetrator of waste, and it’s our goal to change that—while still developing great marketing for our clients. For example, if we’re designing and developing a physical label for a brand’s products, we try to use recycled stock to be thoughtful of waste and the environment. We also can add extra components, like maybe adding seeds to the package that, once discarded, can be planted and will grow into a tree.

When we worked with Espresso Cubano, a coffee brand, they asked us to help them design and produce packaging for their to-go drinks. To do so, we sourced all recycled and compostable materials that still brought all of our design ideas to life in a sharp way. Choosing more thoughtful materials didn’t in any way impact how we were able to deliver on the design front, and created a greener, more eco-friendly approach to marketing.

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