When it comes to companies in today’s day and age, they need to have a focus. They must carve a space for themselves in their market and create factors that differentiate themselves from the competition.

While you should have a specific focus, one thing you should never do is target your products or services to only one geographic area. Especially in real estate—which is an ever-expanding and global market—it’s a mistake to only search for local customers or clients.

Certain buildings or developments may think that their target customer is the international investor, so they only search for that type of target customer. But they could be surprised to discover that nearly half of their actual sales come from the New York area—right where they least expected it.

If you are doing innovative marketing and creating demand for your project, you shouldn’t exclude any potential markets or customers from your efforts. While you should keep your target audience in mind when you’re developing your marketing, but you shouldn’t exclude potential customers in other places. With modern technology, social media, and email sharing, it’s possible that that what you’re offering could be seen by people all around the world, so it’s important to ensure they’re optimized for international markets.

Think through every aspect of your approach—will your copy make sense in other languages? Will your logo and your branding translate across cultures? If customers are filling out a form, does it need to be altered to make sense for different addresses and phone number formats? All of these are small details, but add up to the bigger picture. By thinking through every decision and every detail, it creates a more robust experience for your customer—wherever they are.

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