When approaching branding and logos for real estate, you must begin the same way you begin all of our branding projects. Following a particular structure and process is vital to ensure that branding delivers the best results for clients.

Logos and branding should all start with a client brief. That allows you to ask all of the relevant questions, and get all of the answers and information needed before getting started. From there, it’s about brainstorming, gathering references, pulling visuals, and researching competitive examples. That all helps approach our client’s brand in a new way, and in a way that makes it stand out in their market or industry.

In addition to researching a brand’s competitors, it’s also important to research their target audience. The visuals, the positioning, the tone, and the messaging should all be in line with what their ideal customers are looking to see. By doing all of these things, it creates the foundation for a successful brand that turns the client’s vision into a reality in the market.

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