Understanding customers’ needs and how they’re using your website is a must. That will help you improve, and ultimately, drive sales. One way to understand what resonates more with your audience is to run A/B tests. A/B testing is about isolating, and testing, one variable on your webpage at a time.

There are three high-level things you can test: copy, design, and offering. You can test everything from headlines, to the color of different buttons, but the four best places to start are copy length, headlines, calls-to-action, and images. These results will give you the most insights into your user behavior.

Once you’ve decided on a test, you create two different versions—for example, an A version with one image, and a B version with a different image. You then serve the two versions to audiences equally—50/50—and see which performs better. That gives you the results of your A/B test.

A/B testing gives you a way to methodically make decisions about your website and improve your overall performance.

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