The importance of the user experience is often underrated. UX design isn’t tangible like product design or web design. UX that’s done well is invisible. It should be so seamless that the user doesn’t even notice it.

The role of a UX specialist is to take away the bad technology experiences, like not being able to find something or not understanding a feature. It’s about making every step seem less difficult, and helping people move through their tasks to reach their goals.

A lot of UX design is also about understanding psychology. It’s about how people behave and how they interact with technology. Mapping design to the way people think is a fairly new discipline—and it’s expanding very quickly. Putting people at the center of the process and adding a human element helps improve UX, but it also helps companies and brands understand their audience.

We learn about the customers and their needs and through a variety of ways. Then we take those learnings and make experiences that are tailored to our audience to draw them in.

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