Your company showed great leadership and social responsibility this year with your COVID-19 campaigns. Now, it's our turn to empower you back, for your amazing work.

If your company led a campaign in response to the Corona crisis during 2020, we invite you to submit it in the below form, and apply for a $25,000 award in Plus972 services for your company.

As part of Plus972Cares, our own COVID-19 recovery campaign for businesses, we decided to end this year by empowering others who showed great character in their response campaigns to the pandemic and economic crisis.

If your company helped the community around you, or did a creatively inspiring campaign, if you showed great innovation in the way you helped others, submit your COVID19 campaign and apply for the big prize.

Whether you are a non-profit, a start-up, small business or a corporation - it does not matter. We want to see creativity, innovation, design and of course social impact. We want to see mainly how awesome and inspiring your COVID response was.